Balkan Eco Innovations

The Association of Balkan Eco-Innovations

Who We Are

Association of Balkan Eco-Innovations is a non-profit cluster organization that aims to support the development and uptake of eco-innovations in the Balkan region. Our mission is to act as a bridge between different stakeholders to support the realisation of various research & innovation projects which goal is to bring new innovations in the green & sustainable sectors.


We recognise that the region has significant know-how and creativity to address complex social, environmental and economic problems. Our vision is to facilitate & support structured, fair and targeted collaboration between different stakeholders to drive the improvement and innovation.

Our Networks

We work towards the establishment of networks of partners that work together with a goal of more sustainable, more profitable and more resilient sectors in the Balkan region.


Sustainable Agriculture

· Map, connect, and animate the farming network

· Identify and understand key challenges facing farmers and assess how regenerative practices can help address them

· Raise awareness of regenerative practices and their potential to address key problems

Green Construction

· Allow for experimentation, innovation, and research to help address key problems in a sustainable way

· Facilitate knowledge exchange between contractors and with experts

· Promote results to government, citizens, and others in society

News & Events

Webinars & Courses

ABE First webinar

Interested in learning how to access public funding, a regional network of eco-innovators, up-to-date knowledge about

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