Balkan Eco Innovations

Public Call for the Serbia Ventures Program

Program objective is to motivate qualified high net worth individuals and institutions with the capacity to engage in Venture Capital (VC) financing to structure their operations into conventional VC funds established in Serbia and begin investing more aggressively into high-risk/high-reward startup equity and equity-like instruments in Serbia (and beyond).

Type of call:

Funds to innovate

Funding agency/program:

Inovacioni fond

Code of the call:

Amount of funding:

5000000 EUR

Opening date:




Number of projects funded:

Budget per project:

Eligible countries:


Participant type:


Participant criteria:

“Eligible applicants: Incorporated in the SBRA as a legal entity (either as an LLC or a joint stock company), Majority privately owned, Must ensure that the fund manager’s contribution represents at least 1% of total capital raised, Must submit the contents of the Application as stipulated in section “Application contents and submission instructions” of this manual.”


Any research topic