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inDemand-RCT Open call-Murcia 2021-Experimentation in innovation agencies

This is an INFO-led EU-funded Project. The indemand-RCT Project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Programme. It entails performing a Random Control Trial (RCT) to check the efficacy of a new innovation support model for SMEs (inDemand model, innovation driven by demand). It will be put into effect to meet the R&D, digitalisation and Covid-19 response needs identified by LARGE COMPANIES in the Region of Murcia. These companies’ challenges will be compared with inDemand support (co-creation + business support) versus the research of the SMEs to the needs identified without that support.. The project will be carried out in Murcia but the results will be widely disseminated to other regions of Europe.

Type of call:

Support research work

Funding agency/program:


Code of the call:


Amount of funding:

325000 EUR

Opening date:




Number of projects funded:


Budget per project:

10 000

Eligible countries:

EU + associated countries

Participant type:


Participant criteria:


Digital, Space