Balkan Eco Innovations

Call for upscaling, education and RIS activities 2022

EIT RawMaterials connects stakeholders and actors from different parts of the raw materials value chain creating a unique collaborative environment for breakthrough innovations and radically new ways to address raw materials challenges. EIT RawMaterials comprises more than 120 core and associate partners from leading businesses, universities and research institutes, and an additional 190 project partners contributing to and benefitting by being involved in specific tasks in Calls for Projects.

Type of call:

Funds to innovate

Funding agency/program:

EIT RawMaterials

Code of the call:

Amount of funding:

5000000 EUR

Opening date:




Number of projects funded:

Budget per project:

Eligible countries:

EU + associated countries

Participant type:

Research Institute/Univeristy, Other

Participant criteria:

Should be EIT Raw materials core partners or project partners


Construction, materials, mining