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Calling for High-Performance Computing Cloud Providers

BonsAPPs and StairwAI, EU Funded projects created within the ECs strategy to support the development and uptake of AI across the European Union, have united forces to create the catalogue of High-Performance Computing “HPC” Cloud providers that will ensure HPC Cloud on demand services for third parties funded during both projects.

Type of call:

Funds to innovate

Funding agency/program:

BonsAPPs and StairwAI

Code of the call:

Amount of funding:

10000 EUR

Opening date:



Number of projects funded:

Budget per project:

Eligible countries:

EU + associated countries

Participant type:


Participant criteria:

Entities legally established in any of the EU member states and H2020 Associated Countries that own HPC computing and data resources capable of providing on-demand Access to HPC clouds.


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