Balkan Eco Innovations


We are a non-profit cluster organization which acts towards the larger uptake of more sustainable innovations leading to a greener future. Our goal is to establish cluster networks and bring various stakeholders together to collaborate and explore new ways to develop innovative sustainable solutions and support their uptake in the Balkan region.


We support our networks by establishing a connection between stakeholders, igniting the exchange & uptake of ideas and supporting their realisation by providing access to funding & knowledge.


Our Team

Davide Guariento


Strongly believing in the innovation potential of Balkan entrepreneurs and researchers, he aspires to create and support a regional community of eco-innovators. By leveraging his experience in accessing public and private funds, management of large-scale European projects, and his passion for environmentalism and economics, Davide will strive to support the development of a sustainable economy in Balkans.

Igor Milosavljevic

Manager of European Affairs

Igor is the manager of European Affairs of the association. He is a globe-trotter who studied and lived in many countries across 4 continents where he acquired deep knowledge on environmental and sustainability matters. Once back in Serbia, Igor decided to use his extensive experience in publicly funded grants and tenders, and his broad international network of innovators to support Balkan entrepreneurs and researchers to develop and scale-up ecological solutions.

Nireekshana Nakkala

Senior Project Manager

She has a passion for social impact and teaching, together with strong managerial skills which she brings to the Association. She previously led digilatisation of a micro-finance cooperative owned by 30,000 women in south India. In addition, she has worked as a schoolteacher and is a certified yoga instructor.

Sara Matković

Communication and Dissemination Manager

With years of experience in accounting, she is our finance wizard. Sara is a true nature and animal lover, she loves traveling, meeting new people and networking. She can’t imagine her life without good chats, gatherings and outdoor adventures. If you need any information on anything, Sara is your go to person. Her motto is: be the person you want to meet when you are in need.

Maja Budimir

Community and Project Manager

Combining a background in Environmental Engineering with years of experience in managing and implementing EU-funded projects, Maja is dedicated to transforming sustainable ideas into a reality. As a passionate art, music, movies, and sports enthusiast, she has a very sociable personality capable of engaging people from diverse backgrounds.

Katarina Djokić

Communication and Dissemination Manager

Katarina has worked on developing and executing impactful communication strategies for more than 6 years, ensuring high visibility and strong engagement for both small/large businesses and European projects. She has demonstrated experience in “bridging the gap” between the researchers, innovators, public bodies, and citizens. She is driven to raise awareness of important social issues and to promote small, continuous efforts which translate into large improvements in the everyday lives of people.

Srđan Pavlović

Senior Project Manager

With degrees in both business administration and forestry, he's worked as a Business Analyst and Project Manager in the IT domain in parallel to managing his own hazelnut orchard. He has taken recent steps to align his orchard with a regenerative approach. Nature for him has always been a place of solace and inspiration, and he is dedicated to supporting new ecological solutions in the Balkans.

Dušan Sekulić

Communication and Dissemination Manager

Communicative. Creative. Capable. Candid. Dušan has strong experience in supporting agricultural research and innovation. He has demonstrated his vast aptitude in multiple roles, from financial planning and management to communication and design. His dedication to creativity and innovation drives his enthusiasm for shaping a more eco-friendly future for the Balkans region.

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